Committed European Stake Pool

about us


The core team is 3 person. We came from different businesses. The common is the faith in the future of the Cardano. We ran a node on the testnet, and started a node on the mainnet in August 2020.

The server is dedicated only for staking, the resources and the security is more than expevted. The details are here at the pool parameters.


I designed and improved production processes before I became a crypto-crazy. I learned the crypto continuously andI turned to the staking within the crypto. My personal aim to assist other peoples via Coinpappa's Youtube channel.


My specialization is the communication. I worked for a huge telecommunication company and built the community and the Facebook page. I designed the first big chatbot project in Hungary. The last 3 years I'm working for the Coincash, one of the biggest Hungarian cryptocurrency exchange company. I'm responsible for the marketing and the communication within the team.


Krisztián is working at the multi as a quality manager. He's making small programs and when he involved into the Cardano, he falled in love with it. He's the technical guy in the team.

our philosophy

We believe in the empowerment of the individual. Everyone should have the opportunity to take control of their finances, but ideally most aspects of their lives. It does not mean having to do everything yourself, but it's about having a choice.

We believe in cutting out the middle-man. Middlemen have a place if they add value, but providing trust (and control) is no longer a valid value-add proposition. Decentralized ledger technologies promise vast improvements in cost-efficiency.

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looking ahead

The future of the cryptocurrency space is bright. There is room for multiple independent chains with each their niche features or market. As adoption grows, more and more traditional markets will be replaced by a solution on-chain as it offer inherent trust and vast cost-reductions.

This will start in developing countries, where the power of the incumbents can be overcome. This will actually put those countries in a better position to combat corruption and be competitive in the international markets than countries that do not yet migrate community services to the blockchain.

We look forward to the time where it is possible to prove ownership of identity, land, investments and our house by owning a private key instead of relying on (government) institutions.