The first hungarian Cardano Node operating with green energy

since 2020 august


Who we are


I designed and improved production processes before I became crypto-crazy. I learned the crypto continuously and turned to the staking within the crypto. My personal aim to assist other peoples via Coinpappa’s Youtube channel.


I have 10 years of communication experience. I was a social media manager in Telenor Hungary where I built the largest telecom community and Facebook fan page in Hungary. My name is associated with the countries first large-scale chatbot project and the development of full social media customer service. I made a short detour in the world of chatbots before dropping into the crypto world. For the past three years, I have been working on the marketing and communications project for the CoinCash cryptocurrency exchange. Building a community, creating content and educating people. I really believe in crypto and I as a user I believe in service will bring crypto to the masses.


I’m the technical guy in the team. I’m working as a quality manager for an international company. Cardano started as a hobby for me but soon it become a love. I’m responsible for software and hardware as well.

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